Is your Outdoor Cooking Appliance due for a service ?

Some outdoor cooking appliances have been sitting idle outside with or without covers if this is the case then the likely hood is this will require a service.

Few pointers to prepare your BBQ or Pizza OvenBBQ & Pizza Oven

Your BBQ, Pizza Oven may have been in storage or left outside. So don’t wait until you want to use it. Get a head start. prepare ready that 1st use of the season. There’s a few tips below,

1. Assemble your BBQ cleaning kit 

It is worth giving your BBQ a basic clean of the grills after each use and a deep clean every three months. You’ll want to clean it without damaging the paint or metal surfaces which can allow rust to start forming.

Basic BBQ cleaning kit

  • Rubber gloves – to protect your hands
  • Brush with stainless-steel bristles – to remove baked-on food and carbonised grease
  • Lint-free cloth to clean, dry and buff surfaces
  • Warm soapy water and a non-abrasive sponge pad – to remove stains
  • Mild glass cleaner – to clean painted surfaces
  • Stainless-steel cleaner – to clean polished metal surfaces

2. Bake off grease deposits 

Leave your gas or charcoal BBQ with the heat and lid on for 15 minutes to bake grease and food deposits into a blackened layer which is easier to remove than liquid grease. Leave the BBQ to cool down and remove the coals and ash from a charcoal grill or disconnect the gas bottle from a gas grill.
3. Clean the lid and grills 

Use a stainless-steel grill brush to remove carbonised grease from the inside of the lid and the cooking grills. Remove the grills and flavouriser bars of gas BBQs, then wash these and the lid with warm soapy water and a non-scratch sponge pad. Avoid a build-up of carbonised grease on the BBQ lid by wiping over with a damp rag while it’s still warm to remove moisture and debris. Caring for metal and painted surfaces Clean stains from painted lids with warm soapy water and polish up with a mild glass cleaner and lint-free cloth. Use a mild stainless-steel cleaner on the metal parts of the lid or metal shelves.  Clean with a side-to-side motion in the direction of the metal grain and then buff until shiny.

4. Cleaning the gas burners

Clean the gas burners using a steel brush to remove deposits. Use a metal pin or BBQ skewer to unblock individual gas outlets, taking care not to put debris into the burner itself. Wash with warm soapy water and dry with a lint-free cloth. Brush across the width of the burner rather than along the length of it to avoid pushing debris from one hole to another.

5. Clean the cavity of the BBQ

Remove big deposits of food particles or grease and then clean the inside with warm, soapy water and a sponge. Rinse and dry with a lint-free cloth. Use a flat metal tool, such as a putty knife or a paint scraper, to remove large grease deposits. Empty and clean the drip tray and replace any drip-tray liners ready for the next time you use your BBQ.

And finally: 

Apply a thin coating of vegetable oil to your grills and reassemble your barbecue.

If possible, store it in a shed or garage to provide the best protection from the elements, otherwise use a good-quality BBQ cover to protect it from the rain.