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  • Autherentic parts used in all repairs and servicing
  • UK Wide Service
  • All parts supplied with warranty
  • Workmanship Guarantee

BORA Appliance engineer. We have been repairing and servicing BORA Appliance for over 10 years. Please see below for repair and service pricing or contact us 01530 220693 or07889320678 or alternatively email us at with any questions

BORA Appliances Repairs Only on BASIC, PURE Models

  • BORA £350.00 fixed price
  • Parts covered with 12 month guarantee (NO WARRANTY GIVEN ON GLASS ONCE FITTED)

BORA Appliances Repairs Only on CLASSIC, PRO  Models

  • BORA £350.00 fixed price 2 hours
  • £25.00 per 1/4hr After 2 hour
  • Parts covered with 12 month guarantee (NO WARRANTY GIVEN ON GLASS ONCE FITTED)

J.E.S Ltd, we have seen cooking appliances in all conditions and believe if it can be repaired, we are the experts to do so.

Call us on 01530 220693 to speak to us about your requirements.


If you are experiencing problems with your BORA Appliance and it is no longer covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, we can provide a number of services to help: If you would like an approved Bora Appliance engineer to attend to repair your appliance just call us on 01530 220693. Please have your serial number and appliance details to hand. Once we have diagnosed the problem we can arrange our approved engineers to attend. Joint Electrical Services can provide approved BORA Appliance engineers, fully trained on our entire product range.Fast access to genuine BORA Appliance spare parts. A fixed price quote which includes parts, labour and vat (exceptions apply)

BORA develops clever ideas for high-performance products. With the motivation of an inventor and the commitment of a premium supplier, we have created solutions which revolutionise cooking and kitchen design. The BORA cooktop extractor fan draws off cooking vapours where they arise – at the cooktop itself. Together with a wide range of flexibly combinable professional cooktops, BORA offers real practical advantages and unites functionality, quality and aesthetics in truly unique systems. Our mission is to convince you with ground-breaking new ideas. We aim to convince not only discerning amateur chefs, but also lovers of truly individual kitchen ideas with the efficiency of our products, our patented technology and high-quality materials– today and in the future.

The genesis of a great invention often begins with a simple, fundamental idea. In the case of BORA, it was the question: Why not draw off the cooking vapour where it arises – directly at the cooktop?

I have been working in the kitchen industry for more than 20 years. I always found extractor hoods annoying, with their high noise factor, the fact that they are so difficult to clean and last but not least the fact that they do not remove cooking vapours effectively. And so I decided to develop the ideal cooktop extractor fan. By means of continuous experimentation and discovery, we devised a system that draws off cooking vapours effectively in a downward direction. And with BORA, we have continued to develop this idea.

BORA stands for the highest quality and mature technology at a fair price. Special features such as the intuitive touch controls underscore our demanding objective, to give you better freedom of movement and design in the kitchen as a living space. And by the way, our name, »BORA,« derives from the name of the strongest fall wind on the Adriatic coast and thus perfectly describes the high efficiency of our products.

The BORA offering is convincing and has won many prestigious awards, including the »Deutsche Gründerpreis« for the development of innovative and sustainable business ideas and an innovation award from the initiative »365 Places in the Land of Ideas.«

Let BORA inspire you, and enjoy a truly exclusive cooking experience.

If you would like to contact us about this service or for a quote, please contact us 01530 220693 or email and we will get back to you with further details.