Gas Safety Month…………

17 -23 SEPTEMBER 2018

Gas Safety Superheroes

Gas Safety Week 2017 marked Gas Safety Superheroes’ first birthday. They’ve been busy this past year, encouraging fellow engineer heroes to always show customers their Gas Safe ID cards, promoting annual servicing and working to improve apprenticeships and training. This Gas Safety Week, they launched a ‘Time To Talk’ campaign looking to help educate and empower customers, and encourage them to see their boilers as more than ‘just a white box on a wall.’ Discussion topics varied throughout the week, tackling issues such as Spotting Safety, Regarding The Card and CO safety amongst others.

Tesla UK

Tesla UK added special tags to 10,000 cooker hoses, which went to national and independent merchants. The tags featured campaign superhero Doug on one side and the company’s own gas safety messages on the other.