Godin Range Cookers

There’s nothing nicer than the luxurious warmth that comes from a working range cooker in your kitchen on a cold winter’s day or night. It’s a lovely place to curl up next to and warm up after a long walk in the countryside and it adds a delightfully cosy feel to your home, making your kitchen a delicious place to create and share a meal with friends and family.

Godin Range Cookers have been individually made to order with patience and pride since 1840. They offer a wonderfully stylish blend of tradition and innovation which makes them an attractive and useful appliance to have in your home. But, like most things, they all need a little TLC at times and occasionally even the best cookers in the world can go wrong.

Godin Range Cooker Service and Repairs

Your Godin range cooker requires a service once a year to clean all your gas and electrical components and enable it to work more efficiently. This includes checking and testing the oven temperature, door seals, door hinges, electrical elements, hob top gas valves, oven gas valves, door panels, ignition system, lamps in ovens, indicator lights, cooker ventilation, cooker level, electrical connection and gas connection, as well as conducting a gas safety test and electric safety test


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At J.E.S Ltd (Joint Electrical Services) we have years of experience working with most types of range cookers and can offer Godin Range Cooker Service and Repairs that will get your cooker back up and running in no time.

If you’re experiencing problems with your Godin Cooker and it is no longer covered by the manufacturers warranty, our authorised Godin Range Cooker engineers can provide a number of services to help.

Our repairs are carried out using original Godin stove spare parts, with 10 per centoff any replacement parts needed and all parts are covered with a three month guarantee.

Not only have we been repairing and servicing Godin range cookers for over ten years, our Godin Range Cooker Service and Repairs come with the sort of knowledge, experience and high quality workmanship that you’ll need. And we’re pretty confident that if there’s any way that your cooker can be repaired, we can do it.

Godin Cooker Installation

It may be that you’ve just ordered a stunning Godin Range Cooker and you’d like to have it fitted professionally with the peace of mind in knowing that it will be up and working in no time, ready for you to start enjoying it from the day it arrives. Or perhaps you already have a Godin cooker in your home, but need it getting up and running more effectively.

We can offer Godin Cooker Installation from our team of authorised Godin Range Cooker Engineers using top quality materials, with the work completed quickly, effectively and using the most professional methods there are to ensure you don’t encounter further problems once we’ve finished.

Godin Range Cookers are made with quality in mind and so, when it comes to their installation and repair, you should expect nothing less.

Discuss your Godin Range Cooker with us today.

If you’re experiencing problems with your range cooker, or it’s not working as efficiently as it did and could do with a service, get in touch and discuss your Godin Range with us today.

When you call our experienced and helpful staff make sure you have your serial number and appliance details to hand so that we can work out the best possible way to help.