JES Ltd Offers Servicing on Bora Cooking Appliances

Here, at Joint Electrical Services, we know that Bora Cooking Appliances are one of the market leaders providing quality which our customers have come to expect from brands JES endorses. Intuitive design and great usability mean Bora Cooking Appliances set the standard for quality when it comes to cooking appliances.

Want to know a bit more about all the appliances we offer? Well, have a read below of what makes them so great as well as finding some maintenance tips on how to keep it ticking over the festive period.

Bora gives you a lasting joy in cooking

Bora say the 3 areas their appliances are known for are quality, design and technology ensuring that every one of their cooking appliances allows owners to fulfil any gastronomic journey of their choice. Whether surface-mounted or installed flush, the distinctive and eye catching looks of any Bora cooker turns heads in your kitchen. What’s more, they’re all equipped with smart touch control.

We know the team at Bora say their products provide a lasting joy in cooking. It’s the quality of the components which make these cookers such long lasting durable and efficient machines which last for years. Bora make all visible metal parts from pure stainless steel, and all glass ceramic cooktops are made of ceramic glass from Schott, which is free of heavy metals.

Bora Cooking Maintenance Tips

There’s no doubt Bora cookers are some of the best cooking appliances around. However, no matter how well made your oven is they inevitably wear down after a lot of use.

Don’t panic though, JES can help! We have a fully qualified team of servicing experts that can…

Looks – make sure your Bora cookers look their best, especially with the festive season on the horizon! Having a Christmas party? Maybe it’s time for a service.

Cooking Performance – your Bora cookers needs to be on top form with all the festive dinner parties coming up. A regular JES service ensures your Christmas get together’ s are stress free occasions.

Contact Us for Bora Cooker Servicing

At Joint Electrical Services we know how important premium quality cooking appliances for your home. It doesn’t have to be a Bora cooker either, as we offer premium quality servicing, support and repair services on a wide range of brands including as Viking, Godin Range Cookers or Officine Gullo.

Call us today on 01530 220693 or go to our website and fill out our form to book your Bora cooker in for a service today!

Finally, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to get in touch as our team of servicing experts are always available to answer any questions you might have.