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Lacanche Range Cooker Servicing

Lacanche History

A foundry was established in the village of Lacanche, deep in the Burgundian countryside in France, over 200 years ago, and range cookers have been manufactured there by hand ever since, both for the commercial and domestic markets.
Apart from their extraordinary heritage, what makes Lacanche range cookers so different from other range cookers on the market today, is that they are still made to exacting standards by hand to order.


Benefits of a Lacanche Range Cooker Service

As with any gas or electrical appliance, the benefits of a regular Lacanche Cooking Appliance service – perhaps once a year, just before or after the festive season.

1) It’s likely to keep your Lacanche Range Cooker working and looking at its best for long time.
2) It will prevent a small fault from developing into a larger, more costly fault further down the line.
3) When you’ve brought one of the best Range Cookers, it’s worth looking after.
4) Having a professional Lacanche Range Cooker service means there’s much less chance of it letting you down when need it for important occasions.

Lacanche Range Cooker commissioning and repairs

At JES, we have a gas safe and electric safe registered engineer who can service your Lacanche Range Cooker as well as dealing with commissioning and repairs all year round, ensuring you continue to get the best out of your Lacanche Range Cooker for years to come.

We can offer servicing, support and repair for a variety of high end cooking appliances from respected names such as Viking, Godin Range Cookers and Officine Gullo, meaning that all you need to do is sit back and enjoy your Range Cooker. Give us a call today on 01530 220693, to find out more.