The Old RC1090 Mercury Range Cooker is in Safe Hands with Dave and Simon………

Above photo of a refurbished Mercury Range Cooker sold on

Range Cookers are a important part of the kitchen, especially if you have a Old Style Mercury Range Cooker. These Range Cookers were expensive in there day, so this means they require Tender Loving Care.

Taking out a yearly service plan isn’t as costly as you may think. Please contact us and we will be happy to assist you. We have been looking after the Mercury Appliances brand for over 15 years by my company J.E.S Ltd working on behalf of Mercury Appliances for Lincat all over the UK. We take pride in our work and guarantee to be competitive with like for like quotes, give us a try you will be very surprised.

We have a lot of Mercury Range Cooker Appliance Owners who use us already because they trust us the experts in Extraction and Cooking. Please contact me personally Simon Barrs on 01530220693 or