Why Should You Install Security Lighting in Leicester?

Winter is on its way, bringing cold weather and longer, darker nights. This means security needs to be of primary importance. Burglary cases rises by 20% in the winter months so as the nights draw in, make sure you’re prepared and have made all the necessary alterations to ensure your property and loved ones are safe and secure.  

At JES, we Install Security Lighting in Leicester, and specialise in outside lighting and sensor lights for optimum security.


Why should I install security lighting in Leicester?


    • Prevent burglaries – put burglars off with brightly lit gardens.
    • Increased Safety – feel safe and secure in your garden/around your property with sensor security lights.
    • Get rid of unwanted visitors – prevent animals from causing mess in gardens, going through dustbins or damaging garden furniture.
    • Save money – with sensor security lights, they only come on when necessary. No need to leave outside lights on all night – save money on your electricity bills.
    • Protect commercial and industrial properties, exposing CCTV cameras as an effective deterrent.

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Types of Sensors in Security Lighting


  • Infrared – respond to heat, when a warm object is sensed such as a person or car entering within their range the sensor will trigger the light to turn on.
  • Microwave – send out very high frequency radio waves. If a person or object disrupts the radio waves, this will trigger the light to turn on.


Any type of outdoor lighting could be considered a good security measure. It goes without saying that burglars don’t want to be spotted on the job. Brightly lit driveways and gardens can act as an automatic deterrent, but standard outside lights can often be forgotten; left switched off or only switched on when visitors arrive.

Keeping outside lights on all night is an expensive addition to your already inflated winter electricity bills and can be irritating if the light shines near a bedroom window. Installing Security Lighting in Leicester provides a more cost effective solution to exterior security lighting for your garden.

Make your way to the car safely with heat or movement sensor Security Lighting from JES. We also provide other security services, including Burglar Alarms, CCTV, Access Control and Fire Alarms.

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