What is Voltage Optimisation?

If you’re looking for a way to help the environment and save money on your utility bills then Voltage Optimisation could be your answer. So, what is voltage optimisation?

Basically speaking, it’s an energy saving technology which will ensure that you are only using the amount of voltage required in your home or business.

In the UK, electricity is supplied at an average of 242 volts – much higher than many other countries. So, when you imagine that your electrical appliances are made to suit electricity supplies all over the world, you realise that more voltage is going into them when you switch them on than is strictly necessary. This leads to unused energy being wasted in the form of heat and vibration.

Voltage Optimisation for the Home

Voltage Optimisation can be installed by a qualified electrician in your home or small business, to run alongside your mains supply. It will optimise the power, manage the voltage level and clean your electricity supply, offering you countless benefits as a result. These include reducing your electricity bills, prolonging the life of your electrical appliances, while saving energy and reducing your carbon footprint/ carbon emissions.

It’s a technique being welcomed by energy suppliers as they struggle to cope with the ever increasing global demand for electricity.

At Jointes Electrical, our qualified electricians can offer you Voltage Optimisation for the home with our easily to install MCG Econo-mizer Optimser, offering you countless benefits in the process.

Voltage Optimisation for commercial use

It’s also possible to provide Voltage Optimisation for commercial use. The technique has been being used in businesses since 2002 and is a tried, tested and trusted method of saving energy.

Our MCG Econo-mizer is suitable for larger businesses with a three phase electricity supply, for example, in hotels, restaurants, pubs, offices, shops and medical practices.

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