What should you look for in an electrician in Leicester?

What should you look for in an electrician in Leicester? Read on to find our top 5 things to look out for…

  • Price – Get a few quotes from several different companies to get a good idea on the average costs. Get quotes broken down appropriately if you feel it is necessary and always ensure quotes are 100% like for like; some electricians in Leicester may use cheaper, lower quality materials to pull prices down. To get a FREE quote from us, click here. Our price promise guarantee ensure we will match or beat any genuine, like for like quotations. We always break our quotes down appropriately to ensure our customers know exactly what they’re paying for.

  • Experience – Having a wide knowledge of the range of services that an electrician in Leicester may be able to offer you several options, leaving you to choose the most cost effective solution for your property. Experience will also speak volumes. Regardless of whether the company is large or small; experience, qualifications and training all give a good idea of their levels of reliability.

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  • A good reputation – Often the best way to choose your electricians is through word of mouth. Following a referral from a previous customer gives you a good idea of what to expect from a company. If not, look for (or ask for) reviews and testimonials.

  • Safety First – All electricians in Leicester and beyond should be registered with NAPIT. NAPIT is an organisation committed to householder safety in the domestic sector and ensures that all work carried out in customer homes complies with the relevant regulations. Always ask to see your electrician’s NAPIT registered card. This will list services they are qualified to carry out. All work carried out by a NAPIT registered electrician in Leicester is covered for your safety and peace of mind.

  • Specialists – Don’t leave your electrical needs up to a plumbing, HVAC, or handyman company. Their training may only include fundamental electrical knowledge. With the National Electrical Code being updated every 3 years and with ever changing technology available, it is imperative that your electrician be well trained and have the licensing necessary to provide a safe and reliable product.


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