Voltage Optimisation Unit in Leicester

Are you achieving any savings on your electricity bills? Installing a Voltage Optmisation Unit in Leicester can help householders and businesses achieve real savings with lower electricity bills and many other benefits. Unlike other energy saving methods you don’t need to make any changes to your lifestyle as with our help it becomes a simple and easy process.

What is a Voltage Optimisation Unit?

A voltage optimisation unit is a device fitted by our professional electrical contractors. The unit works by optimising the voltage to all the electrical appliances in your home or business. Standard UK voltage is 245v but most household appliances only need 220v to run efficiently. The voltage optimisation unit will lower the supply voltage of your home to 220v; enough to ensure all your appliances run effectively, but low enough to prevent wastage and save money!


voltage optimisation units in leicester


Benefits of a Voltage Optimisation Unit in Leicester

  • Save money – reduce your electricity bills
  • Quick and easy – flexible installation
  • Non-obtrusive – runs without any noise or obstruction
  • No complicated systems to understand – straight forward fit and simple solution
  • Maintenance free – no expensive annual services or ongoing commitments
  • Some units will work with solar PV – becomes even more energy efficient
  • Prevents electrical equipment from suffering minor power surges


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