PITT Cooking

The search for the perfect way of cooking. The limitations of the traditional cooker as main source of inspiration. The emerge of PITT cooking: burners placed directly into your countertop. Professional, powerful burners. Finally enough space for your pans. Always a kitchen to take pride in.

For that one special dish, for which you have been cooking in the kitchen for hours. But also for that one simple meal, after a long day’s work. Pure, powerful and efficient cooking. On fire. The way cooking was meant to be.

Burners directly onto your countertop.

PITT cooking: a cooking concept where seperate burners are directly integrated into your countertop. With all the technical parts hidden below the countertop, it does not only give your kitchen a unique look, it also enables burners to be placed further apart. From now, you will always have enough space for your pots and pans. Our powerful, professional burners offer you a professional cooking result in your own kitchen.

Whats your thoughts in this way of cooking ?