LPG Gas Bottles


LPG stands for liquified petroleum gas and in the UK is either propane or butane. It is produced as a bi -product of crude oil refinning or natural gas extraction.

Propane is used primarily for central heating, hot-water, gas-fires, convector heaters and, of course, for cooking. Gas is essential, if you want a living flame fire and LPG is ideal.

Butane is used mainly in cylinders for portable applications in mobile heaters in the home, and for leisure activities such as boats, caravans and barbecues. Butane cylinders are available from a vast network of retail

It is clean, efficient, secure and immediately available across a wide range of uses in the UK.

At a normal temperature, LPG is a gas. When subjected to modest pressure or cooling, it transforms into a liquid. As a liquid, it is easy to transport and store. Once it has been cooled or pressurised, LPG is usually stored in containers made of either steel or aluminium making its use very versatile.

The fact that it can be easily liquefied makes LPG a a highly versatile energy alternative and thanks to a wide variety of packaging and storage options, LPG has numerous fuelling applications

Clean – LPG produces less air pollutants and carbon dioxide than most other fuels. LPG helps to reduce emissions of a typical house by 1.5 tonnes (around 25%) of CO2 per year. LPG also helps to reduce Black Carbon (BC) emissions, which are the second biggest contributor of global warming and which can cause serious health problems

Efficient – LPG has a higher efficiency (in some cases up to 5 times) than other fuels due to its high calorific value making it an ideal fuel of choice for UK’s rural homes.

Versatile – there are more than 1000 applications of LPG around the world, and it’s use in the UK is equally diverse ranging from use as a domestic heating fuel, in leisure for barbeques, on farms for grain dryers, to fuel forklift trucks in warehouses, and to power road repairing equipment to name a few.

Secure – LPG is a naturally occurring by-product of natural gas extraction and crude oil refining. In the UK it is produced in surplus, and is easily transported making it an important part of the UK’s energy mix.

Energy – LPG is an immediately available low carbon alternative to fossil fuels.

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